Aug 07, 2014


I dont understand those who make turns without using car blinkers. It's so rude - especially when I can't read minds.
Also getting caught singing in the car always makes me crack up. So please excuse my horrible vocals.


    Aug 06, 2014

    2014 Summer Reads

    I have to say - the one thing I do miss about New York are those morning commutes. Going from Greenpoint on the G to the M to Soho. I know what your thinking - two trains, ew. But I loved my commute. It gave me the perfect amount of time to read. Except for that time I got addicted to Tetris on my phone for 2 months.

    Here are the books that have my attention right now. My summarization's are going to be vague because I'm still working through all of them.

    1. Wisdom of Insecurity - A read that makes you question yourself/behavior and think about life a little differently.
    2. Running Lean - Because owning an art bookstore / coffee shop has been my dream for a little while now. So Los Angeles investor's...hit me up.
    3. Monocle Magazine - I'v been reading Monocle for almost 5 years. I always summarize it as NPR meet's print.
    4. The War of Art - I was having a creative block towards my painting when I moved back to Los Angeles. This talks about just that... creative blocks.
    5. Clean Gut - Dr.A changed my life when it comes to eating. This book gives a deeper understating of how our Gut is the root to so much more then meets the eye. So treat it well.


      Aug 04, 2014


      I'm back in Los Angeles to focus on the self after mental exhaustion of always focusing on everything around me except my own vessel. You know that feeling of spending days and nights of trying to produce creative work under little sleep, where your brain want's to shut down and yet some of your most brilliant work seems to just sneak through. When you start laughing at everything and that keyboard is equivalent to the most amazing down pillow you have ever rested your head on. Your eyes are bloodshot.. your totally caving out and then it happens - it's the most fascinating part about being a human, that drainage that pushes the mind's thought process and Wala! that brilliant fucking idea that you so wished came 2 hours earlier. Thanks mind.

      But yet... its such a curse. Because when creatives are unrested and paid to keep pumping out ideas they loose themselves and time. I can make some horrible analogies... but if your a professional creative, you've defiantly been there. Dont get me wrong... creativity of the mind is simply beautiful and it's amazing how many angles an idea can be spun into from different peoples lenses.

      So anyways.. the reason I'm writing this is because I have been getting interested in meditation since my move to Los Angeles. I have always been interested in pushing the minds towards creative exhaustion but now I'm even more interested in learning how to stop. Learning to stop the chatter, the over thinking and focus on the moment. And like all serendipity events that have been presenting themselves to me... I was introduced to Against the Stream in Santa Monica. A Buddhist "community? - not sure what they want to be called" and its nice to find a place that doesnt feel yuppie or pretentious. My review of the place is this: There are times where I just want the instructors to stop yapping, other times I'm completely in control of my mind.. and then times where I totally pass out. But overall - I must like it enough to come in every Monday. So thats a good sign.

      I have always been an observer of life and its so nice to finally get a better understanding of the moment or the "now". And for creatives what better way to reboot then to understand the actual moment of when your producing work. Only then can you really appreciate the energy in the moment of creating.


        Aug 04, 2014

        Project Komakino

        If you can give me chills... I'm likely to like you a little more.